About Me

My name is Shawn Pitman and I’m an expert in mechatronics engineering. I offer engineering consulting services to OEMs of capital equipment, mechatronics management consulting, high-value sales and solutions consulting, and market-product alignment strategies. These are the areas that stall and stiffle company growth. This site offers quick insights into the type of advice I offer to capital equipment OEMs, based on real-life experience and proven strategies, to help increase their bottom line.

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Grab a copy of my trimmed-down resumé.

Past projects:

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of an engineering team by leveraging proper leadership, technical guidance, social interaction
  • Reliability turn-around; transformed the least reliable system (motion control) in capital equipment into the metric by which other systems are judged
  • Product cost reduction by implementation of hybrid open-loop/closed-loop multi-target linear positioning system.
  • Modularization of capital equipment motion control platform for decentralized testing, reduced installation time, reduced impact of component replacement downtime, and improved reliability.
  • Design of a browser-based diagnostics system.
  • Installed equipment optimization to meet contract requirements and improve customer relations.
  • Reduced time between initial order and final payment through development of a quick-release software suite for capital equipment. Also increased departmental throughput by reducing “per order” engineering time.

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