“Growth Hacking” in Engineering

The term “growth hacking” was introduced to me a few months back by an older post on the Sean Ellis’ blog “Startup Marketing” called Find a Growth Hacker for your Startup.

After reading through it again, I’m finding that most companies I’ve dealt with are lacking a “growth hacker” in their engineering department. This is the person who can directly connect the company’s market and product vision with workable engineering concepts. You might say they align the engineering with the marketing.

If you’re an OEM of capital equipment, that’s a skill set that is indispensable; there’s nothing that could take up that slack. A good marketing skill set needs to exist inside the engineering group and specifically within the motion control group.

In a bone-headedly simple example, if your market share is declining because your competitor released a higher through-put product your options are to either (a) cost reduce to stay competitive, or (b) beat them at their own game. What other solution is there? And who could make that decision if not an engineer? Marketing can’t make the assessment “cost reducing our product will be cheaper than competing at their speed.” The cost analysis has to be done by engineers on the engineering level. That makes it crucial to have an engineer with a market-aligned thought process.

That engineer is your growth hacker.


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